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Brighton & Hove City Council has written to local residents:

Dear Resident,

Ash tree removal due to Ash dieback disease — 3 Corner Copse

Forestry Commission Licence Number. 19/4092/2021

We're writing to let you know we'll soon be removing Ash trees in 3 Corner Copse that are infected with Ash dieback disease.

The work is due to start on Monday 14 February and last two weeks. We will also be erecting signage in the next few weeks at the site.

Unfortunately, the infected trees must be removed as they pose an ever-increasing risk to both the public and property.

The Forestry Commission is aware of the work and has granted the felling licence.

What we can tell you

       An estimated 100 — 200 trees must be removed

       Work will start around 8am and finish around 3pm Monday — Friday, and possible some Saturdays if needed

       No road closures are planned, but traffic management (two or three parking spaces) will be needed for loading and unloading equipment and materials.

What happens during and after the work

       Tree tops will be left on-site, mostly to feed (habitat) nutrients back into the area. This may look untidy but there are benefits in the longer term

       Some timber and trunk wood maybe removed from the site

       We may have to remove some non-Ash trees for three reasons: to gain access; if we see they're in poor condition; if they're Elm trees and diseased

       Young ash trees between the ages of 1-10 years and not showing signs of Ash dieback will be left and observed for resistance, and Mature Ash stems will be left at height for wildlife Habitat.

       A regeneration plan is being comprised and residents will be contacted with dates of Public Planting meetings.

       Wildlife surveys, best practices guidance and regulations are all being observed and the protection of all wildlife within our woodlands is at the forefront of the Ash dieback clearance work.

90% of our Ash trees could be lost

Ash dieback is a tree fungal infection that's spreading throughout the UK and Europe. The National Trust, the Woodland Trust and other environmental organisations predict the disease will kill between 80 - 90% of Ash trees across the UK.

Like the rest of the country, and especially in the South East, high numbers of our Ash trees are infected by the disease, which is impossible to contain.

Our work so far

We've already removed Ash trees at Coney Hill Woods, next to Mill Road, near Waterhall and Coldean Lane woods and are seeing positive natural regeneration.

3 Corner Copse is now one of six more areas we're having to clear as the infection spreads.

You can find more information about our Ash trees and Ash dieback by visiting

You can also email

Best regards,

City Parks.