Three Cornered Copse

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Originally the copse was part of the land belonging to the Marquis of Abergavenny. It was acquired by Hove Council in 1935 when the council borrowed £1,524 for the purchase of the Three Cornered Copse; £711 was to be spent on fencing and paths etc.. During the 2nd. World War the non-wooded area was turned in to a market garden and used for food production. In 1953, to commemorate the Queen’s Coronation, a grove of silver birches was planted at the bottom of the grassy slope and a commemorative stone laid by Hove Borough Council. Between the fences
Pictures thanks to David Jennings
Dirt Path
Back in the 40’s and 50’s the copse was regularly used by horse riders making their way from the stables in the Droveway up to Green Ridge and the Downs. In the “hurricane” of 1987 over 120 Beech Trees were blown down and many other trees had to be felled as they had become unsafe. This led to major replanting and between 1988 and 1991 over 5,000 trees were planted. It is now a mixed woodland including ash, beech, elm, sycamore, cherry, spindle berry, yew, and field maple trees and shrubs/bushes of hazel, hawthorn, dogwood and elder.