Three Cornered Copse

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The Three Cornered Copse is a large triangle of public land which runs from Goldstone Crescent, Hove, up between Woodland Drive and Woodland Avenue to the top of the hill where it opens out to edge the top of Dyke Road Avenue, it also has a shorter edge along the top of Snakey Hill. The copse consists of an area of eleven acres (3.8 hectares), this is mostly mixed woodland but approximately 3 acres is not wooded, this is the mown grass slope in the middle of the copse and the grassland at the top adjoining Snakey Hill and Dyke Road Avenue. View Up Pictures thanks to David Jennings
Snowdropped Path It is the largest woodland in Hove and is well loved by dog walkers, cyclists, ramblers and children. In the winter when it snows it becomes a magnet for children, and adults, on their sledges, snow boarders and even the occasional skier. The copse is also a haven for wildlife, there are a number of badger sets, though most of these are now deserted, many, many rabbits, foxes and smaller mammals such as field mice. It is also home to many birds from the robin, wren, blackbird and sparrow to the less common jay, woodpecker and sparrow hawk.